I was lucky enough to attend a SEMLA (SouthEast Music Library Association) conference in New Orleans, LA last week . It was a lovely conference with our colleagues from Texas (TMLA) and members of the MLA Board. It was great to be back in one of my favorite American cities (partly because it makes you feel as though you are NOT in the USA). And to my surprise, just one little block from the hotel was this place:

They provided much needed espresso drinks, delicious food not to mention wine later in the day. I told them I was writing a book about a composer named Louise and they revealed that the restaurant was named after the owners’s daughter. I had breakfast with my dear roomie of many SEMLA and MLA conferences over the years, Lois Kuyper-Rushing. And some wine with my dear pal of many years (can you say BU??), Diane Steinhaus.

I enjoyed the cosmic message, of course! 🙂 Will keep working on that book. Word by word…

Photo credit (for the second two items) to Diane Steinhaus. Thanks, sistah!

Author: sbdorseyblog

I am a biographer, librarian and sustainability nut. "'I am NOT a Woman Composer!' The Life and Music of Louise Talma (1906-1996)" is the title of the book I am writing. This blog is about that process and related activities.

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